Sunday, May 6, 2012

Saints Bracelets - from

Genuine, original, premium quality Brazilian-made Saints Bracelets! These are not the cheap imitations found at local flea markets which fall apart.
Gifts These original Saint Bracelet designs will last for years with UV resistant coatings, Brazilian cherry wood, high resolution images, and durable clear poly elastic bands.
Saints Bracelets - from Great for gifts, fundraising, and stocking in your store! E-mail us or call for wholesale discounts. International shipments welcome - check out our low shipping rates! Don't forget to visit our Brazilian Jewelry page for even more styles!

Gifts Catholic is a family run Catholic business, now in our 9th year of operation, founded by Mark and Lisa Smith. Our goal is to provide unique, high quality Catholic gifts to enrich the faith lives of others. "We regularly add new products - now over 1,500 items. Originally from Plainfield, IL (near Chicago), we relocated to the Nashville, Tennessee area (Gallatin) in 2006. Now closer to family, we are blessed with their much-needed and appreciated help.

We directly import products from around the world, selecting unique, high quality, and affordable items. We import from Catholic countries with excellent reputations for quality, such as Italy and Brazil. As importers and wholesalers, we can offer considerable discounts to gift shops, churches, schools, and religious organizations.

A key goal of our business is to give back to the Catholic community, both financially and spiritually. The stories of conversions and deeper relationships with God we hear from our customers are truly a blessing, and remind us that our efforts do much more just support our family'!

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