Thursday, April 26, 2012

Discount Catholic - Patron Saints Medals and Meanings

As symbols of faith and devotion, patron saint medals are used to help the faithful connect to the saints and share a common faith in God. Express your trust in the saints' divine intervention through our collection of Catholic saint medals.
Discount Catholic These beautifully-detailed medals feature images of well-known saints such as Saint Patrick and Saint Jude. Keep one for your personal commitments, or share these with loved ones as thoughtful gifts.

At Discount Catholic Products™, we pride ourselves on providing a one-stop shopping experience for the Catholic community, featuring over 10,000 Catholic gifts! Choose from our extensive and affordable selection of baptism gifts, first communion gifts, prayer cards, rosaries & rosary beads, Catholic medals, holy water and much more.

Learn the stories behind our patron saint medals and prayer cards at our list of Catholic saints. Discount Catholic Products™ allows you to personalize inspirational gifts for your loved ones with rosaries and medals that are available for engraving, which make unique and special keepsakes for a lifetime.

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