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Saint Dominic Medal at

Many people search for and wear patron saint medals as signs of their faith and as a way to center their lives around their saint and his or her deeds and life. Patron saint medals are often believed to afford protection by the patron saint and be a way to request intercession by that saint in their lives.

The Dominican Order

St. Dominic, well known as the patron saint of astronomers and astronomy, as well as falsely accused persons, is a popular saint. He is also the founder of the Order of Preachers, more commonly known as the Dominicans.Because of his close association with astronomy, many St. Dominic Medals include a star. His mother reported seeing a star shining from his chest on the day of his baptism, and this may be part of the reason he became the patron saint of astronomers and scientists. In many patron saint charms he is pictured over a book, for he was always a man of learning.

Saint Dominic Medal at

The Dominican Order chose the colors of black and white to represent the balance between penance and purity, but those colors also represent the black night sky with the white sparks of stars. The stars and the study of astronomy also remind us of the holy star that lit the way in Bethlehem for the three wise men who discovered the birth of Jesus. Much of the St. Dominic jewelry available includes the colors black and white for those reasons.

Also the patron saint of falsely accused people, a St. Dominic medal is often worn by people as they struggle with the legal system. Many prayers have been written, most focusing on the same thing that the Dominicans themselves search for: finding truth, no matter where it may be. St. Dominic medals are excellent ways to focus thought and prayer on light and truth.

A St. Dominic medal is a jewelry choice full of meaning and importance that may have even greater meaning today than it did in St. Dominic's day.

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