Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Patron Saints Medals Gifts at AquinasAndMore.Com

Aquinas and More Catholic Goods is centrally located in Colorado Springs, CO. We carry thousands of products ranging from books and videos to chalices and church furnishings.


The store was started by Ian Rutherford in 2002 and is owned and run by his family and friends. The store name comes from two famous Catholic saints, Thomas Aquinas and Thomas More. The ox head in our logo is a symbol of St. Thomas Aquinas who was called “The Dumb Ox” because he was a very quiet student, and rather large.

Patron Saints Medals Gifts at AquinasAndMore.Com

Over 5000 patron saint medals ready to ship within 48 hours! There are plenty of sites that sell patron saint medals so why choose that perfect Confirmation gift or birthday present from us?

Lifetime warranty on all gold and sterling medals against defects (stainless chain breakage not included).
We also have the largest selection of Catholic military medals on-line and have been a proud supplier of products to our Catholic troops serving in harms way.

Official website aquinasandmore.com

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