Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Gold Patron Saint Medals

Gold patron saint medals are a traditional piece for Catholics and other Christians to wear, a trend dating back several hundred years. Since the time where humans figured out how to craft gold and other metals into fashionable jewelry pieces and even before that when other materials were utilized in jewelry making, religious icons and jewelry have been together as a normal display of religious affiliation and protection. Some wearers may choose to only wear their patron saint medallion jewelry on a special or religious occasion, while others wear the medal on a daily basis as a sign of affiliation and protection from harm.

Saint Francis Medal

Patron saint medallions come in a variety of materials, such as silver and titanium, but gold has been a long standing tradition in crafting this type of jewelry. Metal content in the jewelry pieces can vary, as well as the color of the gold. Sometimes it is possible to find a pure gold medallion to wear, but more common 10k, 14k, or 18k pieces are offered for consumers to buy. Gold patron saint medals are most commonly worn as a necklace but it is possible to find bracelets and earrings as well.

Patron Saint Locket

The elaboration of detail can depend on the jeweler who crafted the piece, but most gold patron saint medallions are made of yellow gold. More elaborate offerings can feature extreme detail or a mixture of colors of gold or gold mixed with another material to make features of the jewelry stand out. Prices on a piece of gold patron saint medallion jewelry can range widely, depending on the maker, what it is constructed of, and which saint is pictured on it. Prices on a gold patron saint medal range from very cheap to several hundred or more.

The patron saint often featured on a piece of jewelry can vary but all have their ties to Christianity and a story. Catholics believe that a patron saint is a protector and a negotiator before God, and often wear this symbol of their religion alone or paired with other religious jewelry. Saints such as St. Luke, St. Christopher, Fatima, St. Theresa, or the Virgin Mary are commonly found. Others saints can be harder to find, but similar in construction. Most saint medallions feature the saint standing alone or in some religious act, or with a child. Some pieces of jewelry feature scenes on both sides of the medallion, while others are simple and a one sided display of symbolism.

Saint Jude Thaddeus Medal

Because of the availability of so many saints on this particular type of jewelry, it is not uncommon for some wearers to being collection of the different saints to wear. Some pieces, although harder to find, feature more than one saint or scenes from the life of the saint. Bracelets in particular feature this kind of scenery or story, or a fusion of several saints on the same piece. A gold patron saint medal can also serve as a traditional religious gift, especially on religious holidays or milestones. Sometimes families will pass this jewelry along as a keepsake through generations.


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